How Do not Behave Stupidly on the First Date

It would seem that you already know each other in details. This means that the first date will go on smoothly. In fact, the opposite happens: couples who have already communicated on the Internet for some time rarely continue discourse after the first date. Why is this happening, what mistakes do men/women make on the first date, and how to behave in order to please your partner?

What are “must-not-do” for males?

  • Complaining

Sweet tales of how your mother fed you with the porridge as a child, you did not go to college because you had family problems. And at your first job, your moron boss instead of a computer gave you a typewriter.

  • Reply to calls and messages

A phone disconnected for dinner is a much simpler, elegant and visual way to let your companion know that you are really interested in everything that happens and in herself than even the curliest bouquet.

Typical female gaps:

1. I am a princess

Many ladies start behaving arrogantly, showing with all their look they are princesses who have come to a public place. Do not wonder that the guy will be scared and ran away. There is no necessity to praise yourself. It’s enough to make a couple of statements in a derogatory style about the interior of the restaurant, service or food served. Few people want to date with a negative person. Despite the fact that a man loves to conquer the lady’s heart, who wants to conquer the royal person who descended to the common people?

2. Prodigy or nightmare of all men

This is really wrong behavior to start praising yourself, in every possible way emphasizing your intelligence and education. Men do not favor too stupid women-blondes, but this does not mean that on the first date you need to lay out on the table all your diplomas and certificates of different courses. Men love to feel smarter than women. The wise decision is to become a source of inspiration.

3. Foolish style

No rude comments, don’t behave like a very close-minded person. Hysterical giggling laughter over and without a reason, stupid facial expression and incessant slamming of eyelashes, strange habits – this is a guarantee that the guy will disappear. A girl who looks modest, not silly will attract any groom, even if he prefers extravagant girls, with a twist.

4. Hello, I’m a pessimist!

Tips for an initial meeting are useless if a bride complains about her hard life. All of us have such a friend who constantly needs to be comforted, tuned to a positive attitude towards life. So don’t surprise if the potential husband will want to run away for a long time. Think machos are more patient?

All the rules are simple and logical. Don’t hesitate to follow them if you want to achieve real success.

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