Surprises On the First Date

Be ready for them and you will keep calm! Here is a list of possible situations which are totally different than flowers, champagne or really gorgeous lady from a virtual chat.

  • People with the past

Quite sadly, but most people register on dating sites not because of good reasons. Someone has problems in communication, someone is not confident in himself, another person just falls into a stupor at the sight of a representative of the opposite sex. In addition, many are trying to solve their problems through new acquaintances. After talking with the guys from the Internet, you will realize that one of them came here after a difficult divorce, someone wants to assert himself and overcome his complexes, for the other – this is the only opportunity to chat with women, because in real life no one turns on him, not the slightest attention.

  • Many scammers

Not all men and women, having registered a page on a dating site, sincerely answer the questionnaire. They can lose a few kilograms, add a few centimeters of growth, “look younger” for at least 10 years, and nobody confesses they use Photoshop or other apps in order to give his/her appearance the necessary charm and hide skin defects. And what can we say about the false status of “single” or “divorced” when the wife and three children are at home. 10{4757db391c8f9771a83384beba5f8507e0b70aacba936477701f688fb721b710} of new accounts on dating sites belong to cheaters who meet for money.

  • Looking for a partner for one night

Many people on the Internet are looking only for a partner for sex, and some of them do not even hesitate to articulate it literally in the first lines. Here, of course, is your business to agree to have lovemaking with a stranger or to reject such a “generous” offer, but you can hardly create a happy family with such strangers.

  • It is impossible to understand whether you are lying or not

The Internet makes it possible to hide everything. To describe other people’s merits to oneself, to create an image of a person which he is really not, to hide facts from a biography — the network space is ideal for this. And when a meeting occurs, the lie is relegated to the background – the goal has already been achieved!

  • There are not quite healthy people

When meeting online you have to be careful. Of course, such cases, fortunately, are rare, but the chances of running into a madman, a maniac or a pervert still exist. Therefore, going on a date with a stranger, be careful. Do not sit in his car, meet in a public space and preferably in the daytime, do not tell your address and do not give passport details. And, of course, do not invite a man from the chat to visit your home the first meeting.

This simple advice will help you to have a pleasant event without surprises. Call to police in case of emergency, robbing or something else. Be prepared for different scenarios.

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