What Not to Do On the First Date, If You Met Online

1. Be late

If a woman makes you wait, she is not late, but in hurry (because of makeup, curls, nails or stretching hair, trying on 5 dresses, cry, repeat make-up, decide in favor of shirts with heels, etc. ). A man, who hasn’t come at 7 pm, but at 7.20 pm is a total moron. Because … he is a male! If you are not able to correctly plan your own time, you will be not able to cope with a woman.

2. Do not have a plan

The last thing a woman wants to hear when she comes to the meeting is where you would go. “Well, and what are we going to do?” It so happened historically that the function of animation (at least in the context of the first time) lies entirely with the man. If you do not agree, start dating with guys.

3. Take the wrong pose

Any psychologist and the experts on http://swjournal.ru/news/svidania/ will tell you, and I will confirm: a stranger sitting at the table directly opposite causes an uncontrollable nerve and is associated more with the investigator in the dark room. After a couple of hours, you might want to kiss. We would not advise leaning around either – too intimate for a first date, and the elbows, for sure, will be pushed. The best option is to sit diagonally. So the conversation will flow more easily, and the girl will have room for maneuver to flirt.

4. Order wings, ribs, and other junk food

Perhaps the women from the ethnic tribe would be impressed by this choice. But somebody will don’t like the flesh of an innocently killed animal. Junk food is not the perfect choice at all. And a vegan girl can have a heart attack at all, if not worse.

5. Talk only about yourself

You may try to present yourself in a heroic or romantic way; this is a standard procedure for a first date. But limit yourself only to this genre only means you may fail.  Tales about your past adventures and questions addressed to your companion should go in the proportion of 50:50. You may share impressions about your childhood, school, sea vacations or ask how the girl like pork, whether she is friendly with her parents and if she wants to go to the art gallery next week. Adhering to such a scheme, you:

a) do not talk too much;

b) demonstrate your attention and interest in a companion;

c) you won’t touch anything sensitive;

d) you may chat about the weather and this is also a very good option.

Hope our article will be very useful for you and then you will share your experience in social media.

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